Collagen Loss

Collagen Loss

Struggling With Collagen Loss? 

It happens to all of us sooner or later. You look in the mirror and notice your skin is looser and thinner, and maybe you have a few more wrinkles than before. Why? It all comes down to collagen loss. Collagen is one of the primary substances that give your skin elasticity and firmness. It helps your skin snap back into place whenever you stretch it out with your muscles. The only problem with this miraculous substance is that it is limited.


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Why Does Collagen Loss Happen?

Before we talk about what we can do about your skin losing collagen, it’s essential to understand that decreasing collagen is simply a factor of age. Your environment (sun, pollution, oxidants, and diet) can accelerate the decline of collagen. While we can’t necessarily prevent collagen decline, we can slow it down or restore it. Our range of treatment options can slow down and stimulate new collagen production to help you regain your youthful glow naturally.

What Are the Results of Collagen Loss?

The decline of collagen shows itself in the skin that is more wrinkled, thinner, and less hydrated. There is no health issue associated with the loss of collagen. Still, it makes you look unmistakably older, so many people seek ways to restore lost collagen or simulate the appearance of more collagen.

We can address the loss of collagen in the skin with many procedures, including fillers, lasers, and injectables, to name a few. Many fillers are concentrations of hyaluronic acid, a natural substance that the body also produces, which can mimic the effects of collagen, giving lips, cheeks, and related areas more volume and hydration for a plumper, younger appearance.

What Are Our Treatment Options?

At Bella Wellness & Aesthetics, we offer you a personalized treatment plan to restore a naturally youthful appearance. We educate you on each option, some of which are listed below:

Collagen Loss Treatments in Hickman, NE. 

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