XEO<sup>®</sup> Skin Therapy

XEO® Skin Therapy

Treat Your Skin with XEO® Skin Therapy

For people who want a non-invasive way to treat the skin, XEO® Skin Therapy is your solution. This treatment is an innovative and advanced way to reverse the early signs of aging caused by harsh sunlight exposure, environmental pollutants, and genetics. The procedure doesn’t require incisions and has passed the most stringent safety requirements. There is a visible reduction of scarring and fine lines with every session.


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What Is the XEO® Skin Therapy

XEO® treatments involve the use of the laser genesis system. This is a near-infrared (NIR) Nd: YAG laser with a wavelength of 1064-nm which makes it an excellent choice for skin rejuvenation due to its ability to provide long-lasting elastin stimulation. After treatment, the Genesis amps up collagen production, resulting in clinically improved skin tone and texture. This fantastic laser treatment is designed to be suitable for all skin types. If you have skin discoloration, rough texture, or other skin issues on your face, neck, or chest, you may be a great candidate for this treatment.

The Laser Genesis Procedure

The XEO® Skin Therapy treatment stimulates the skin’s dermal layer through thermal heating to enhance collagen production. Redness is reduced in the dilated capillaries through secondary heat production. Since the process involves the natural replenishment of structural proteins, the results are subtle. Most patients will require multiple sessions to reach their desired goals. The skin is restored to its youthful appearance when the course is complete.

What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

We will recommend several sessions during your consultation, depending on your specific skin needs. Upon completing your sessions, you should see dramatic improvements in the quality of your skin. On average, about six treatments are required to achieve optimal results. Treatment duration may vary depending on your unique concerns and area of focus. This treatment can help you with:

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XEO® Skin Therapy Treatments in Hickman, NE

Are you struggling with skin issues and longing for a solution? Our XEO® Skin Therapy treatment may be just the thing you’re looking for! Get in touch with our team at Bella Wellness & Aesthetics to find out if this laser is suitable for you. Request your appointment by using the form below or calling (402) 204-5709.