Janet L.

Dr. Spohn always takes plenty of time with me. Great care. Wonderful kind staff as well.

Angela W.

I just had my second microneedling session with Dr Spohn. It has made a noticeable difference in smoothing out the appearance of acne scarring.
I would also highly recommend the Oxygen Facial & Botox treatments. Both absolutely amazingly!
Dr Spohn and her staff are outstanding.

Tracy W.

Dr Spohn is so thorough and informative. She is pleasant and caring. She explains everything so I understand and answers all my questions (even when I need it repeated!).
I would highly recommend her services!!

Carolyn B.

Dr Spohn is always so professional and thorough

Holly K.

I had the oxygen facial. It was wonderful! Dr. Spohn explained everything in detail both before and during the procedure. During the procedure, she asked several times if the pressure of the wand was okay and made sure I was comfortable. One of my concerns when getting treatments is that sometimes the person doing the procedure just puts lotions or whatever on you and you didn’t expect it or know it would be cold or warm or gritty. This time I knew exactly what to expect at each step, which really helped me relax. My skin was softer and glowed. I would definitely return to Dr. Spohn and have this facial again.

Tracy Q.

Dr. Spohn is incredible and beyond helpful!

Marco A.

Great service and I gain more knowledge about hormones and how they affect us daily. Thank you!

Paul E.

Professional and does things the right way! Thank you

Chris B.

Great services, and always takes the time to explain everything.

Sherri S.

I have been a patient for over two years and she is wonderful. Always spends plenty of time. Answers all of my questions. Very thorough and really up to date.